Siding Plank

KalsiPlank is a range of fibre cement siding designed for multipurpose cladding applications, from residential to commercial projects. Easy to cut, nail and drill, KalsiPlank is a simple, pragmatic solution to most of the problems associated with timber.

KalsiPlank comes in four attractive surfaces finishes: Smooth, Jati, Meranti and Cedar.

There are two options for overlapping the planks, Overlapped Siding and Interlocking Siding.

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  • Resistant to the attack of termites, insects and other vermin
  • Moist, mould and water resistant
  • Wide variety of thickness and applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work and install
  • Non-combustible


  • Fascia, eaves and fa├žades renovations


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