KalsiFloor is a strong fibre cement panel suitable for internal flooring applications. can be directly finished (with carpet or vinyl tiles) in residential projects or offices, or with reinforced mortar screed in industrial and heavy duty applications.

KalsiFloor is a superb alternative to concrete slabs flooring because it is an incredible lightweight solution with excellent mechanical strength.

KalsiFloor being a dry construction system, is fast and clean to install; saving time and resources on concrete casting and curing.

Further Information


  • Resistant to the attack of termites, insects and other vermin
  • Moist, mould and water resistant
  • Wide variety of thickness and applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work and install
  • Non-combustible


  • Lightweight flooring renovation, mezzanines

Standard Dimension:

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight per m² of sheet (kg/m²)
20 1220 2440 28.40


Asbestos Free Environment
Dimensional Stability
Finishing Possibilities
Reaction To Fire
Flexural Resistance
Impact Resistance
Termite Resistance
Various Thickness
Moisture Resistance
Durability Performance