Applications Categories

Dry construction is a building technology that utilises composite boards installed over metal or timber subconstruction. It is often used to build exterior walls (claddings), interior walls (partitions), ceilings, floors and some other applications.

Kalsi offers you a complete range of applications (Dry Construction) to design and build what you need.


For internal and semi-exposed ceilings with exceptional stability.


Most demanding internal wall partitions subjected to high traffic and humid conditions.


The flexibility and modernity of modern architectural design with Kalsi facade cladding and external sidings.


Solution for other decking materials when exposed to humid conditions.

Lightweight Floor

The ideal of substrate for lightweight flooring. Fast, clean and durable solution.

Wet Areas

Partition wall or tile backing board for wet areas with moisture resistant and dimensional stability.

Roof Underlay

Applied as an additional protective layer for heat and water penetration.

Eaves and Soffits

To protect the extended edge of roof from moisture damage and maintenance free.

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