Menangkan Penghargaan Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award

Transaction buying and selling electronically through internet media is currently a trend among business people. That trend that PT. Eternit Gresik to market its brand, Kalsi Board. The proof is Kalsi Board successfully pocketed the 2018 Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award.

Susanto Samsudin, Chief Commercial Manager of PT. Eternit Gresik Brand Kalsi and Eter said that at this time it was focusing on product marketing through e-commerce platforms. Because according to him, e-commerce is one of the ways of digital marketing which is considered effective enough to market its products to the public.

"With us going into e-commerce and digital commerce, we hope that we can have interaction from transactions, not just education as we have been doing," he explained to INFOBRAND.ID on the sidelines of the Indonesia Digital Popular Brand Award (IDPBA) 2018 Friday (04/13/2018). According to Samsudin, until now the preparations to advance to the e-commerce stage have reached 50 percent, both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of content. That means, soon they will launch.

"Later we try to use a suitable marketplace. This year we will launch, "he said.

PT. Eternit Gresik has been active in social media since 2008. But to really focus and concentrate on social media itself since 2016. With a short duration, according to Samsudin, the use of social medicine is quite effective.

"I think education is good enough. Product education, education on installation and use on Youtube, in social media in my opinion are effective, until now, "said Samsudin. Socialized Facebook types are the most commonly used. Because according to Samsudin, the number of Facebook users in Indonesia is quite a lot. So it is very important in marketing its products. "It's not just Facebook. We also have Instagram, Twitter also. Facebook is used more often, "he explained.

For its own digital marketing strategy, continued Samsudin, it is closer to end users, such as builders and contractors.

"So we also want to have their interactions on social media. That way we know what they want and what we can improve on our products, so they can provide added value to them, "he added.

This is the second year for PT. Eternit Gresik with its Kalsi Board brand won the 2018 IDPBA award. According to Samsudin, awards events like this can motivate many people, especially companies to look more at digital marketing.

"This is the second year we get awards. The influence is from the side, now I know better who is Kalsi, "he said.

Samsudin hopes that this year he can be more active in social media. It will develop more content by education.

"As I said earlier. If possible this year we have entered into transactions and e-commerce, yes, "he concluded.

The Research Methodology used as the basis for the assessment is as follows:

Indonesia Digital Popular 2018 Brand Award is given to brands in Indonesia by first researching by Indonesia and IMFocus by conducting Digital Survey of 2018 Brand Index which TRAS N CO is conducted from December 2017 - February 2018 to 150 product categories and more than 1000 brands surveyed in Indonesia.

The survey conducted by TRAS N CO Indonesia is purely through third party data engines that are independent, credible and accountable using three assessment parameters namely Social Media Based, Website Based and Search Engine Based. (

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