KalsiGroove™ is a decorative fibre cement board which is 7.5mm thick with a 2.5mm deep, 5mm wide V-shaped groove, at 100mm centres, which replicates a traditional tongue and groove style panelling.

KalsiGroove™ is the ideal solution for the most demanding internal wall applications subject to high traffic or humid conditions.

Further Information


  • Resistant to the attack of termites, insects and other vermin
  • Moist, mould and water resistant
  • Wide variety of thicknesses and applications
  • Impact resistant
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Easy to work and install


  • Partitions in livings areas
  • Soffits and Eaves
  • High traffic locations of corridors, shopping centres and schools

Standard Dimension:

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Weight per m² of sheet (kg/m²)
7.5 1200 2400 10.09
7.5 1200 2700 10.08
7.5 1200 3000 10.09
8 1200 2400 11.29
8 1200 2700 11.28
8 1200 3000 11.29

Asbestos Free Environment
Dimensional Stability
Finishing Possibilities
Reaction To Fire
Flexural Resistance
Impact Resistance
Termite Resistance
Various Thickness
Moisture Resistance
Durability Performance